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Group Leader Job Description:

Duties include maintaining the two main components that will be displayed in the group and signed by each Group Leader:

Badge of Quality

Badge of Quality

Provide quality and meaningful tips, resources and dialogue within the group
Maintaining the 7 Pillars of Michelle LeAnn, LLC which are :
Character | Integrity | Kindness | Community | Empowerment | Freedom | Fun

Badge of Integrity

Maintaining the 7 Pillars of Michelle LeAnn, LLC which are : Character | Integrity | Kindness | Community | Empowerment | Freedom | Fun

Maintaining a drug free lifestyle with integrity and quality is important to the Michelle LeAnn, LLC Brand and Standard of Excellence! Each Group Leader is required to do the following:


A 10 Panel Drug Test

Criminal Background Check.

Submit contractual curriculum or weekly topics tailored to the Group that you will be leading.

Commit 5-10 Live interactive hours with the group via Video within the assigned platform.

Complete weekly check lists for assigned group.

Answer participant questions and concerns.

Report to the assigned State Coordinator and/or Regional Coordinator of the Life Groups Community.

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Community of Current Group Leaders:

A Caregiver’s Journey – Barbara, 35 plus year Senior Care Professional
All About You Life Group – Ayanna, Author & Business Owner
All Thingz Teenz – Nygee, Passionate Recent Graduate & Mentor
Emotional Intelligence – Trish, Certified EI Coach
Leadership Development – Chancellor, Retired Police Officer
Married & Satisfied – Kelvin & Dionne, Local Marriage Counselors
Natural Hair – Brandi, Natural Hair Specialist

Veterans Life Group – Sharon, Retired Army Vet of Over 34 Years
Writers Life Group – Simon, Editor in Chief At Top Canadian Publishing Company

BONUS Life Groups

Chess Life Group – DaRhon, Certified Chess Coach
The New Thirty – Lisa, Over Fifty & Fabulous as well as Psychologist
Fishermen Life Group – Janette, Zealous Fisherwoman

Group Leader Benefits: 

  1. Instantly generate 2-3 streams of income

  2. Each Group Leader is permitted to market 1 (one) approved product of their choosing to the up to 250 participants within their Life Group in any one month time span.

  3. Monthly earnings for leading a Life Group $1,000.00

  4. Receive an online earning store set up by ML Consultants with no set up requirements

  5. Training to maintain streams of income beyond contractual employment with Michelle LeAnn, LLC

  6. Enrollment in 1 Life Group of your choosing and access to group’s quarterly Jam Sessions

  7. Mentorship opportunity with the Regional Coordinator

  8. Access to company discount and partnership perks


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