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Resource Development Department

The Resource Development Department specializes in creating multiple streams of income through social media/blogging, affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing. It helps individuals as well as businesses create an impactful strategy to generate multiple streams of passive and residual income. Development is coupled with training on the importance of building a team to accomplish financial goals. 


Capture The Vision

Capture the Vision includes weekly presentations to ignite the Michelle LeAnn LLC Vision with 4 departments to serve you! These weekly sessions are designed to stir vision and propel the Entrepreneur/Business Professional in you to RISE ~~

Tea Time With Michelle LeAnn

Join the Michelle LeAnn Team for Tea Time Down Time at monthly sessions with a group of like minded individuals and business owners seeking to grow their personal lives (Balance) which results in business health beyond their dreams. Each month will feature an amazing theme and dynamic speaker to ignite you in the right direction. Sign Up TODAY for the next Tea Time Session! (Click Tea Cup)

Life Development Department

The WHOLE Person is the heart of Michelle LeAnn LLC! The foundation to get to the whole person is the Life Development Department through Life Groups. These are groups dedicated to cultivating a livelihood of balance. This balance happens when a platform is created for individuals, programs and businesses that equip them with practical tools and resources to overcome obstacles and fulfill purpose and passions. The brilliance is when these tools and resources are provided within everyday life, trends and technology which are why life groups are online through social media where all ages, genders, race and beliefs gather.

Idea Development Department

The Idea Development Department is designed to help you as an established or up and coming Entrepreneur/ Business Owner develop your concepts/ideas/ideals in order to take it to expand it or take it to market and be efficient in Content Formation and Marketing.

Business Summary

Graphic Design & Media Development

The Graphic Design & Media Development Department is all about media, graphic designs and online presence. It branches across Social Media, Websites, brick-and-mortar as well as In Person marketing and graphic development to create Brand Integrity. NuSense Designs is the fore-running business and its Owner, Raymond Keys is the Director of this department. Quality work can be viewed at

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