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LeAnn Bookstore Updates By Michelle LeAnn

LeAnn Bookstore LLC was my very first business venture back in December of 2010.  This venture allowed me to gain another stream of income. Amid that, let’s be clear that it also added another layer of responsibility. I am a firm ...

The Potential of Print on Demand Innovation

As a book writer, have you ever before experience requiring publishing a hundred copies of your publication in simply a couple of days? Have you ever before felt the stress and anxiousness of locating a printing business that will do the print ...

We’re On Etsy ! ! !

5 Famous Quotes about Entrepreneurs

Isn’t it funny how we can strive to reach a goal and forget the fundamentals to get there? These 5 famous quotes I found on the addicted2success website are examples of the fundamentals to get us continuously moving toward our goals. We are all ...

The Year Of The Entrepreneur

It’s Sunday afternoon and we have “NEWS” for you!!! ML News: 2019 Is The Year Of The Entrepreneur! We are focusing our efforts on supporting Entrepreneurs and those seeking to create a quality of life through expressing their dreams to the ...

Income Boosters

Hi There Life Groups Community! We’ve put together a pretty cool list of ‘income boosters’ that can add some extra cash to your pocket. We are all for promoting affiliate marketing and some of the below links are just that. ...

The Joys Of New!

New! New! New! In one way or another, in one area or another, we are looking for something NEW! New meaning fresh, unused, untold, unopened or never experienced. The human experience craves new journeys, depths, adventures, opportunities and so ...

Meet Ayanna

Meet The All About You Life Group Leader, Ayanna! She’s an amazing business owner, author of two books and speaker! If you’re ready for an “All About You” adventure, enroll in her group and let the journey begin! This is a ...

It’s All About YOU!!!

Have you struggled with “guilt free” time? If so, here is an encouraging interview with the All About You Group Leader, Ayanna! She has experience in overcoming the situations and embracing your Authentic Self! This is a journey and ...

Meet Designer Keys!

We decided to make today “Designer Day!” Therefore, we are celebrating Designer Raymond Keys. He has done an extraordinary job on our website and many others. He is diligent, patient and creative which makes him the perfect candidate ...



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