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Our Basic Create Package is the jumpstart you need to make an online presence! This package includes 60 Branded Evergreen Content Assets that are a combination of graphics and gifs! Secure this package for $500 with a two week turnaround. Purchase TODAY!


Our Create & Automate Package is all about creating your content and automating it to stream on your social media pages. We will create 1-2 months worth of branded evergreen content and schedule it on your social media page(s). This package includes 60 Branded Evergreen Content Assets that are a combination of graphics and gifs! These awesome content assets will be automatically streamed on your social media pages twice a day for a month or once a day for two months. Secure this package for $750 with a three week turn around. Purchase TODAY!

Our Ongoing SMM Basic Package is about getting your social media jumpstarted and maintained monthly with your very own Social Media Manager! This package comes with an assigned Social Media Manager. You will receive branded content creation, daily posts, event highlight posts, cross posts on 3 social media pages (Facebook, InstGram and LinkedIn), comment engagement and a weekly product/service marketing post! Secure this monthly package for $1,200 and activate your ongoing social media management with your very own Social Media Manager. Subscribe TODAY!

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